Business Interaction Design

As the Internet matures as a business tool, many organisations are taking a shrewder approach to their online strategy.

The Web is now being assessed with the same rigour and creativity that organisations apply to their other customer and business touch points. In today's unsettled economy businesses need to stop thinking about Web design and move to a more integrated approach when creating online ventures. We feel developing a specialist capability of Business Interaction Design, a user experience design and development capability that brings business value creation and visual expression together into a single, focused approach.

Conventional application design typically focuses on functionality. The belief is that if we provide enough of the features that people have asked for, they will necessarily use the system we have built.

Research and common sense show that this approach is insufficient to deliver real economic returns. This is because of a failure to take into consideration the habits and aspirations of the target user community. The Internet is littered with sophisticated technologies that generate low business returns simply because customers don't care enough to use them.
Business Interaction Design avoids these pitfalls.