Our range of capabilities allow us to deliver complex solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals effectively, efficiently, and - not least - rapidly. Whether our clients are seeking to develop an entirely new online business or address new target groups from an existing application, we can provide the expertise and understanding to deliver the right solution.

business interaction design

a unique process which places the user and their motivations at the centre of the system

content & digital asset management

systems to manage, distribute, produce and consume content using leading products and technologies

open architecture development

design and build of solutions on Internet technologies underpinned by technologies such as Microsoft .Net

operational services

providing on-going support for the applications we build through services tailored to meet the needs of any business

industry expertise

first-hand experience and know-how in delivering solutions for a wide range of industry sectors

Technical Services

Through our focused end-to-end track record of delivering Open Architecture solutions, timberzen can provide highly experienced staff to provide you with a range of technical services:

  • Design, build and testing of Open Architecture systems
  • Enterprise architecture design  -
  • Technical consultancy -
  • Rapid development of proof of concepts
  • Project scoping, feasibility assessment and management
  • Package evaluation and selection
  • Adoption of new technologies, such as XML and Web Services [...]
  • Knowledge transfer and “on-team” coaching -
  • Set up and provision of standard frameworks, build environment and best practice -
  • Project rescue, problem resolution and fire fighting
  • Problem resolution and bug fixing
  • Performance tuning and capacity planning
  • Database administration
  • Operational Acceptance Testing
  • Change control and release management
  • Application back-up and restore testing