Our Mission

As founder I have experienced many SME companies from a small start up to the likes of IBM. I have worked at many places and the single most significant activity is sorting out their development operation.
timberzen is about bringing value to small companies of no more that 5 in a development team (though typically less), where they have a great idea but have poor execution.

As Founder, my Mission was to found a company that could automate the chores of delivering a client’s software product, so they can spend more time focused on developing the product itself than the profitless-chore of how to get it to the product delivered.
This allows the business stakeholders to see continuous delivery of rapid, incremental changes to the product in a transparent and predictable way there by reducing risk and costs.

We help our clients continuously improve and deliver quality software.
We champion software excellence and share the passion to revolutionize the IT industry.
We are focused on helping our industry improve, and believe in sharing what we learn.
We use empowering technology to help you to succeed. [ << ]

Architecture and Modelling

Learn rich and intuitive diagramming and modelling tools, to visualize, analyze, and validate software architecture. [...]

Global Team Collaboration

Connect the development team, business stakeholders, and end users through integrated tools that foster collaboration. [...]

New Technology Adoption


Agile Methodologies

Using proven Agile Methodologies, you can deliver what you client is looking for quicker than with traditional Waterfall methodologies. Incrementally adopt agile best practices that best fit your team and plan, manage and track work across backlogs and teams. [...]