Our Experience

With over 30 years of IT and Operations experience. Having solid engineering foundations and enterprise solution archtecture, we have been pioneering Agile approaches on key software projects for many years now.

We have solid experience with the Microsoft technology stack (since VB3) thru to .net 4.6 and Azure

Our skills in DevOps even before Development Operations was anywhere close to mainstream were to us routine

High Velocity
Team Transformation

Markets, including yours is being disrupted by a plethora of transformative technology, not just better apps, but a quantum leap in technological innovation accellerating change, this redefines the human experince redefining the new norms. [...]


All your competitors are a learning organization, but can you learn faster than them and get you product to market faster? Do you fear change? Will it break?  [...]

Strategic Business

Small, agile, ninja are fast enough to make a big impact is a disruptive market place. [...]


Focus on what you do the best and automate the rest...  [...]